PSY 1012 Rasmussen College Section 4 General Psychology Discussion


Refer back to the project scenario. What if, from a young age, Kaiden has always enjoyed very physically active play such as running and crashing into his surroundings? What if he loves bear hugs, and has always been soothed by vigorous back rubs? How might his dad Brian interpret his misbehavior at school differently? How might that impact Brian’s behavior plan?

After sharing your thoughts, please respond to at least two other classmates’ posts.

Peer post:

If Kaiden is very physically active in his play, this could be misinterpreted by other people. Brian might have to explain to Kaiden that not everyone plays the same way he does. That some kids like things to be a little calmer. If Kaiden is soothed by vigorous back rubs, he might look at it that Kaiden is more of an aggressive child. He likes things differently. He is more active than other students, and that he might have to sit down and talk to his child to find out what is going on with Kaiden at school with other students and get his perspective. Kaiden might not realize that he is being more aggressive with other students, and he might not realize when his classmates not be that physically active. It might impact his behavior plan a lot differently since he has to teach Kaiden to be a little less aggressive towards other students. 

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