The Interview, How to market yourself


Having completed your Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services, you are preparing to interview for your first professional position with your brand new degree. You did not complete an internship as part of your degree program. In a 1-2 page paper address the following:

What questions do you believe that you will most likely be asked during the interview and how will you respond to those questions? Discuss how you will market yourself as a serious candidate for the profession without having completed an internship? Be specific. Give examples. APA Style at least one Reference

Bringing Experience


One of the major challenges for a recently graduated human services’ student is convincing a potential employer to take a gamble by hiring someone who may have no experience in the profession. When evaluating potential job candidates, employers will often look at the candidate’s perceived commitment to the profession. A job candidate who has engaged in volunteer work of his/her own volition looks far more appealing than the candidate who has not. When a student enters the profession having completed an internship, he/she has an advantage of having already worked in the profession. Sometimes completing and internship is not an option. When such is the case, human service students need to be creative in finding alternative ways to seek exposure to the profession. Even if a student only volunteers for a few hours a week this can make a difference in an employer’s decision to hire a job candidate.

Job Interview

For some, preparing for a job interview can be an unnerving experience. A well-rehearsed and well-practiced interview can alleviate some of the stress associated with pre-interview anxiety. A potential candidate should take time to research the position for which he/she is interviewing. Conversely, the candidate should be prepared to answer questions about him/herself including commentary about personal strengths, weaknesses, skills, assets. The job candidate should be prepared to offer specific examples in response to interview questions. Professional attire, eye contact, and other non-verbal body language should also be taken into consideration. When preparing for an interview, a candidate should review websites and other professional resources to regarding how to prepare for a job interview. Similarly, the same consideration should be given to preparing a resume.

Continued Learning

Once in the profession, the new worker’s education is just beginning. Many new to the profession falsely believe that have now mastered all the knowledge necessary to function effectively in the profession. Practical experience, however, cannot be learned in a book and there is no substitute for actual hands-on experience.

Chances are very likely that during the course of the worker’s employment in the field, different treatment models and practices will emerge. The worker and agency for whom he/she is employed are both responsible for keeping abreast of current practices within the field. Workers should be provided with opportunities for continuing education through, conferences, seminars, in-house training and collaboration with other human service agencies in the community. Some agencies have a budget for continuing education, while other agencies may be required to provide X number of training hours per year are part of their credentialing requirements.

New employees interviewing for jobs within the human services filed should inquire regarding the agency’s opportunities for continuing education. Throughout their careers, human service workers should set and revise professional goals. With an increase in professional goals and ambitions sometimes change. This is a normal part of career development and professionals can adjust their goals to meet their professional ambitions.

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