PS 498 Purdue University Global Behaviors Assesments Discussions


Discussion Topic

In previous Discussion Boards, you have had the opportunity to identify the antecedents and consequences of target behaviors, the probable functions of target behaviors, and the level and trend of data through visual analyses of graphic displays. For this discussion, you will identify the following for each of the three scenarios provided:

  • The measurable dimension of each target behavior
    • Discuss your reasoning for your selection.
  • The appropriate data collection device needed to record each target behavior
    • Discuss your reasoning for your selection.

Scenario #1

Mr. Rogers is the Senior Manager of Ladies’ Blouses, Inc. Recently, production has fallen by 27% and stake holders are getting nervous. Mr. Rogers believes that it is time to try an incentive plan to increase his workers’ motivation to produce the necessary number of blouses each week. He called a meeting of all employees and announced that he would be providing Friday afternoon off with pay for each employee who met the goal of producing 25 blouses a day, Monday through Thursday. Each employee will mark the blouses he/she produces with a number-coded sticker so managers can identify each employee’s production for each day of the week. A $50.00 bonus will be added to the monthly paychecks of those employees who exceed daily production by five blouses for three out of four weeks in a month.

Scenario #2

Teddy’s parents would like him to be able to sit quietly during weekly dinners with his grandparents. Typically, Teddy tells several stories of his day at school during these dinners. A few stories are nothing to complain about, but he goes into great detail and can talk about a subject for quite some time. As a result, there is rarely time for adult conversation.

Scenario #3

Marsha is in second grade. She loves school and being with her friends! She likes having her desk by the window so she can look out and watch the birds and butterflies in the courtyard. Recently, her teacher has noticed that she is not finishing her work. Mrs. Willis has noticed her looking out the window after she has given instructions for the class to begin working on the worksheets. While Marsha turns in all of her work, many of the worksheets are incomplete.

Reading and Resources

Unit 7 will focus on the specifics of measuring behavior, i.e., identifying the relevant dimension(s) of behavior to record and selecting the appropriate data collection device(s) to use, such as, event recording, interval recording, time-based recording, and permanent product recording. As you approach the Unit 7 activities, you will want to reflect on the information you have covered in previous courses. Textbooks and supplemental readings/materials from the following courses that may be helpful include the following:

  • PS340: Exceptional Needs Children
  • PS360: Applied Behavior Analysis I
  • PS365: Applied Behavior Analysis II
  • PS410: Screening and Assessment
  • PS430: Program Design and Evaluation

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