Rasmussen College Peer and Family Influence on Self-esteem Presentation


Imagine you have been asked to speak to a group of parents about promoting self-esteem in school-age children. You need to research the topic and prepare a visually appealing PowerPoint slideshow to accompany your presentation. Your PowerPoint slideshow will need to:

Have a title slide.

Contain 5-10 content slides that include Speaker Notes which provide supporting details to use when elaborating on the slide contents.

  1. Address the following questions:
  2. How does level of self-esteem typically change during middle childhood? What factors contribute to this change?
  3. What are some influences on school-age children’s self-esteem?

Does very high self-esteem always have positive effects on children’s adjustment? Why or why not?

What are the typical consequences of low self-esteem?

What are some other strategies that parents and teachers can use to promote children’s self-esteem? What behaviors should adults avoid, and why?

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