develop expertise with using CRAFFT to screen adolescents, psychology homework help



The purposes of this multi-part assignment are to:

  • develop expertise with using CRAFFT to screen adolescents;
  • practice methods of Motivational Interviewing (MI) and Brief Negotiated Intervention (BNI) assessment;
  • reflect on your SBIRT assessment skills;
  • consider aspects of the interview and use critical thinking skills;
  • develop an intervention for the interviewed adolescent.


The key to effective work with Hispanic youth is allowing them the opportunity to tell their story – giving them a voice to share their perspectives on matters impacting their life decisions. The SBIRT CRAFFT assessment tool is designed to give adolescents insight into characteristics exhibited which can lead to substance abuse.

Over several weeks during the latter half of the course, you will work on four parts of this SBIRT Adolescent Screening project assignment. The parts are:

  • Obtain volunteer consent from a Hispanic adolescent
  • Perform an video-recorded SBIRT screening interview role-play
  • Write an intervention paper
  • Observe and evaluate interviews of your peers

The details for this assignment part are as follows:

Part 3 – Intervention Paper
Based on the most severe outcome and highest possible risk, develop an intervention for the volunteer adolescent. Articulate the intervention in an APA paper including the following:

  • Identify ways you will engage the youth and family in an intervention. List the cultural components/elements you would employ.
  • Describe theoretical frameworks that would work best for this youth based on existing challenges and ages and stages of development and support it with literature.
  • While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to interacting with individuals and families, list in order the necessary steps and possible timeframes would be required to successfully achieve the phases of the intervention you have developed.
  • Briefly describe your SBIRT experience and discuss how your cultural lens was impacted as a result of this assignment exercise, explore, if would you do anything differently.
  • The paper should be 4 – 5 pages in length and follow APA (6th Edition) formatting and style.

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