OC Wk 7 Logistic Regression Analysis Using SPSS Data Screening Worksheet


Abby is interested in understanding who does well and who does poorly in statistics courses. Abby collects data from 100 students across the university in a statistics course. Besides their performance in the course, she obtains students’ scores on math and English aptitude tests that students took in their senior year of high school and their high school grade point averages in math, English, and all other courses.

Open the file Data Week 7.sav for Abby’s SPSS file, which contains 100 cases and high school aptitude test scores for math and English (named mathtest and engtest, respectively), GPA for high school math, English, and other courses (named math_gpa, eng_gpa, and othr_gpa, respectively), and an indicator of university statistics course performance (pass/fail; named statsgrade).

Conduct a logistic regression analysis to distinguish between students who have passed and failed their statistics course. Then, write a paper to summarize the analysis steps and results. Address the following steps and points:

  • Decide which technique to use to build the model (i.e., direct, sequential, or stepwise). In your paper, describe the technique that was utilized, and then explain why.
  • Conduct univariate and bivariate data screening. Assess Abby’s dataset to ensure it meets the assumptions necessary to conduct logistic regression. In your paper, describe each assumption, the analysis used to assess it, and the results.
    • Run and report descriptive statistics for all key variables.
    • Assess additional statistical assumptions: inspect Pearson residuals and utilize the Box-Tidwell procedure.
    • Describe the sample size and whether it is appropriate for logistic regression.
  • Proceed with conducting the logistic regression analysis. From the output, identify the following:
    • Indicate whether or not the full model was significant. Utilize the likelihood ratio test. Report McFadden pseudo R2 if appropriate.
    • Prepare a table to present the logistic regression coefficient, Wald, p, and odds ratio for each predictor variable.
  • Write up your final results using APA style.

Length: 3-5 pages, not including title and reference pages

References: Include a minimum of 1 scholarly resource.

The completed assignment should address all of the assignment requirements, exhibit evidence of concept knowledge, and demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the content presented in the course.

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