psychology ( Lesson 3)


Lesson 3

During this week’s Lesson you will begin work on the final project and you will explore pro-social behavior.

This week you will begin work on the final project for this course. Please review the Final Project Instructions. The final project will be due in several pieces.

· Week 3 – final project movie selection

· Week 5 – one paragraph plot summary of the movie you chose

· Week 7 – rough draft of final project

· Week 9 – final project presentations (on-ground students: your PowerPoint presentations will be presented in class during week 9)

Think about which movie you would like to watch after reviewing the final project assignment instructions. You will include your movie selection at the end of this week’s Lesson assignment submission. It will be worth 10 of the assignment’s 100 points.

Read Together: The Science of Social Psychology pages 338-339

Revisit the terms: schema, self, and prosocial learning by watching these short videos:

“Prosocial Behavior: How Gender and Culture Predict Helping”

Think about the following two questions:

1 – How might the term and concept of schemas relate to the “Prosocial Behavior in the “Young Children” video?

2 – How might schemas affect your “Motivated Self” toward being prosocial or not?

Think about which short video above relates to pages 328 and 330-331 in your eText.

Remember, you will upload two things to Moodle this week – your assignment and your selected movie title.

1 – Now that you have given some thought to the questions in Activities 3 and 4, answer all 3 questions on a Word document. This portion of the assignment will be worth 90 points.

2 – Also include on the document the title of the movie you would like to watch for the final project. The movie title will be worth 10 points.

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