Stratford University Continuous and Discontinuous Theories Questions


1. Click on the link and read about the continuous and discontinuous theories.

2). Then, think about the following:

What is the difference between “continuity” and “discontinuity?” What are some specific examples?

For your initial post –

First, introduce yourself to the class (your name, major, where you’re from, fun fact, etc) and tell us one thing you know (or think you know) about Human Growth and Development.

Then, in 300 words or more, provide an answer to the questions above regarding continuous and discontinuous theories. Please make sure you are meeting the minimum word requirement as it contributes to your participation grade! smile

2. Please complete the following steps:

Please read Introduction to Life Span found in Module 1.

Please watch the videos 49 Up and Meet Neil found in Module 1.

Please read The Cohort Effect and Culture found in Module 1.

Please read Periods of Development found in Module 1.

Please read Research Methods found in Module 1.

In a paragraph or two, please explain “Lifespan Development” in your own words. What’s your familiarity with lifespan development? Then, based on your reading, consider this – does development differ across cultures? How so? Please include the answer in your paragraphs.

3. Continuing with Psychological Research, view Helen Pearson’s Ted Talk on Lessons from the longest study on Human Development.

Then, view the link provided below from the CDC about developmental milestones. (You can cut and paste the link into your web browser). * Explain how culture and environment can impact development.

Imagine that you have a 3 year old daughter who is not yet potty trained. Based on what you know and have learned about development, should you be concerned? Why or why not?

Based on your reading, identify the nine stages of development and one you are currently in? Why do you identify with that particular stage – please be SPECIFIC!

Then, answer this – why should we not rely on our own personal knowledge to explain human development? What are the negative implications?

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