most commonly used system for classifying psychological disorders, psychology help


1.Identify and describe the most commonly used system for classifying psychological disorders. Be specific and cite your resources. 

2.What is the broad classification of psychological disorders characterized by anxiety, fear, and self-defeating behavior?

3.Describe the difference between a generalized anxiety disorder and a panic attack. 

4.Identify the term used for an irrational fear and describe its characteristics.

5.A person constantly thinks that he is going to die from contamination from germs and washes his hands twenty times per day. Is this a neurosis, a delusion, an obsession-compulsion, or schizophrenia? Explain your answer.

6.Identify and describe the condition of a person who wakes up one morning to find himself or herself blind. Explain your answer.

7.What is the most common psychological disorder characterized by irritability, sadness, self-pity, and a feeling of hopelessness is?

8.Identify and describe symptoms of psychosis. Be specific.

9.Identify and explain the type of psychosis that means literally, split mind, and is the most common severe psychological disorder. 

10.Psychotics have elaborate yet irrational belief systems. What are these called? Explain your answer.

11.What is the most common form of hallucination found in psychotic disorders? Provide an example. 

12.Carmen D. is hospitalized in a mental institution where he sits in one position for days, is unresponsive, and often rocks back and forth. Identify this disorder and explain your answer.

13.Identify the disorder that is present when individuals are violent, manipulative, distrustful, distant, and insincere and who show no conscience regarding how they act. Explain your answer.

14.Identify some causes of psychological disturbances.

15.Explain why is it can be difficult to tell the difference between right and wrong and defining normal and abnormal. Name and describe the three ways to define “normal” and “abnormal.” 

16.Identify symptoms that may indicate a psychological disorder. Would a person necessarily exhibit all of these symptoms? Explain your answer.

17.Identify the disorder of a person who relives stressful wartime events long after they occur.

18.Identify the disorder of a person who thinks they are sick when they are not.

19.What is the most common disorder suffered by people who are living in psychiatric facilities are occupied by?

20.How does the term “insanity” differ from psychological terms for behavioral problems? 

21.How is neurosis as a psychological disorder different from psychosis? 

22.Provide a brief description of each of the following terms: 

Anxiety Disorder 


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder 




Conversion Disorder 


Fugue State 

Multiple Personality 



Bipolar Disorder



Catatonic Schizophrenia 

Hebephrenic Schizophrenia 



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