MSHF606 Embry Riddle University Cognitive Maps Brief Paper


Indicate the components and characteristics of a cognitive map
(applicable for a principal operator or system user) in a dynamic and complex
setting of your choice, e.g., a UAS operator, medical robot, cybersecurity
operation, digitized cockpit, or another suitable example. Briefly describe the
elements involved, such as neural components activated (where appropriate), the
interaction processes, workload concerns, issues of capacity, or similar
functions that influence how the map is composed, used, modified, and
influenced. Then, indicate how you might assess, on a continual basis, whether
task-related attention or operation attention is being influenced adversely by
operator fatigue. Provide at least one scholarly resource to support your

Present this as a brief. Your brief should be approximately 800
words in length and should be written in APA format.

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