PCN 520 Grand Canyon University Counseling on Adolescents and Children Discussion


6questions, 250-350 words each, minimum 1 resource each. can be written in Q & A format, APA format, but a paper is not needed.

1. What are special considerations around confidentiality within an adolescent/child’s group? How would you approach these in a group of adolescents or children?

2. You are leading a group of adolescents referred because of school,
behavior, and/or substance use. Describe an opening exercise and a
trust-building exercise you might use with this group. Explain your

3. What form of resistive behavior (or difficult behavior displayed by a
group member) would you find most problematic in one of your groups and
why? How might you work in a therapeutic way with such a member’s

4. While conducting a group for adults struggling with addiction, one of the participants has come to the last three groups late. Explain how you might deal with this client’s tardiness.

5. How would you talk to a group of adolescents about the importance of not resisting healthy exercise and eating for their mental health, mindset, and bodies? Especially during a pandemic when they just want to play video games, or hide in their rooms?

6. If you were leading a group counseling session, and the topic was how healthy exercise and healthy eating helps mental health, what are some questions you would ask, or statements you would make to facilitate healthy conversation and understanding


Corey, G. (2015). Theory & practice of group counseling (9th ed.). Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole, Cengage Learning. ISBN-13: 9781305088016

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