PSY 863 ACU Hopfield Networks Not only Share Characteristics of Learning Discussion


Among the prominent types of neural networks studied by cognitive scientists, Hopfield networks most closely model the high-degree of interconnectedness in neurons of the human cortex. The papers by McClellan et al. (1995) and Berend et al. (2015) discuss learning systems in the human brain-mind system and the role of Hopfield networks as models for actual human learning including sequence of items learned. This resonates with Chomsky’s emphasis on the role of syntax and word sequence in language learning.

Write a paper   in which you argue for or against the notion that Hopfield networks not only share characteristics of learning in the brain-mind system but also that they are useful analytic tools.

 these two references maybe helpful

Chemero, A. (1998). A stroll through the worlds of animats and humans: Review of “Being there: Putting brain, body and world together again” by Andy Clark. Psyche, 4(14).


Kozma, R., Harter, D., & Achunala, S. (2007). Dynamical aspects of behavior generation under constraints. Cognitive Neurodynamics, 1(3), 213-223. 

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