WMST 200 UMGC Women Studies Interview Essay


Part 3: Oral History Final Essay

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Because of the risks associated with the outbreak of COVID19, all Oral History interviews from this point forward should be performed remotely, unless you are interviewing someone you already see in person daily. “Remote” modes of interview can include email, telephone, and videoconferencing (FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, etc.). Please post to the Ask the Professor discussion if you have any questions.

Due: Week 7 in Assignments by Tuesday, 11:59pm

100 points; 15% of course grade

900-1200 words

Essay Requirements

900-1200 words

The report should include

Section on the interview (200-300 words suggested):

Background on your subject and why you chose her

How you developed your questions

How the interview was conducted (where/when/what format)

What did you learn that you didn’t know about your subject?

What surprised you?

Was the process easy/difficult? Did she answer the questions you wanted to ask?

Analysis of the interview (700-1000 words suggested):

Direct quotes from the interview itself to support your claims about your subject; think about which answers she gave would be most interesting to an audience interested in Women’s Studies scholarship

Direct quotes from learning resources (course modules, articles, powerpoints, other documents) to relate the topics and answers in the interview to Women’s Studies topics. To select these, you might consider which passages from the learning resources you would point out in class for students to read and discuss alongside the interview.

Detailed discussion about how the interview and the material from the course fit together – this is where you analyze your subject’s responses as a contribution to Women’s Studies scholarship.

Writing Guidelines

This essay should demonstrate that you

understand the Women’s Studies concepts you reference in the essay.

can demonstrate connections between your interview and our learning resources.

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