Assignment 4-2: Create a power-point for each of Erickson’s stages


Erikson’s theory is well accepted with the exception that many feel that there are other major social events that people face throughout their lifespan.  Erikson believed that the experiences throughout the stages help accomplish the task.  He also believed that most people are a mixture of both the task and the danger.  

Assignment 4-2: Create a power-point for each of Erickson’s stages and give the good points of the stage, the bad points of the stage and interesting things about the stage.  For the ones you have been through reflect on your own development or ask parents and siblings about your experience. For the ones that you have not been through yet, find someone in that stage and ask them what is good, bad and interesting about being where they are in development.  Use pictures and illustrations.

Rubric for Assignment 4-2

Correct explanation of each stage with good, bad and interesting points of the stage 8 points (2 pts for each stage)
Overall effort 4 points

Partial credit will be given for incomplete work.

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