Cognitive Dissonance Perception Case Study “


Using BOTH the attached powerpoint and article using these ONLY to reference, cite them and reference them in the answers!
  1. What type of dissonance task was incorporated into this study? (by “this study”, I am referring to the article by Harmon Jones that I wanted you to read for this week.) Explain how you know this.
  2. Case to discuss: Joe has a smoking “habit”. Describe to him
    1. how this habit likely developed (incorporate both dissonance and goals) and
    2. why he continues to smoke although he doesn’t believe it is a good idea
  3. Prescribe an intervention that will specifically target and help to break his HABIT only (not the dissonance he may still be suppressing). Provide a justification for why your intervention is a sound one (data-driven..from your article or presentation)

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