Stratford Why Is It Important to Know the Composition of Ones Genome Report



Please respond to the following questions:

  • Based on what you know and understand about a genome, who do you think should know what your genome contains?
  • Do you believe this information should be shared with romantic partners or employers?
  • What do you see to be the advantages and disadvantages of sharing this information?


Please respond to the following activities below:

View this video on epigenetics:

on your reading this week, and the above video, provide a definition of
epigenetics and discuss how we have control of our future based on
epigenetics. Include information on the difference between genotype and
phenotypes and how they might impact epigenetics. Be sure provide an
example of each.

considering epigenetics, describe what genetic disorders are? Please
provide two examples of each discussing distinguishing features. Then
describe the three prenatal stages of development and the three events
that occur during each stage.

Upload your assignment here. Be sure to implement proper APA references, resources and citations

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