the research clinic


It is important for research to be
conducted ethically in the field of psychology. This is important for
protecting research participants from potential harm and ensuring that their
rights are not violated. There are often many different people who work on a
research project. Anyone who is part of a research study can run into ethical
issues. At these times, the choice made can have important outcomes for the
participant, the study, and the person who is making the choice.

Watch the interactive video “The Research Clinic” and choose which role you
want to assume (Principal Investigator, Study Coordinator, IRB administrator,
Research Assistant). Then, answer the following:

  1. Discuss two of the choices you had to make and what you
    learned about ethical issues from these choices.
  2. How can the choices made within the role you chose
    affect the outcome of the study and those who are participating in the
  3. What factors (ex., personal, funding, etc.) might
    sometimes lead to unethical choices?

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