Assignment #1 APS Award Address: Maladaptation and Resilience


3 pages, Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spaced, and 1-inch margins. and no plagiarism. Check your spelling and sentence structure.

You must use APA style when citing ideas from the course materials that are not their own. The are four questions.

instructor will use Turnitin for review…

Section #1

View the full lecture by Nadine Burke Harris, as well as the lecture by Dante Cicchetti from timestamp 6:00-15:15. Summarize the main point of the presentations as a whole. What is the main argument? Within this discussion, make sure to demonstrate your understanding of each domain of persons as biopsychosocial beings, integrating this understanding within key points from the presentation, and citing course materials with in-text citations as part of your discussion. Also, identify the predominant “way of knowing” that the presenters use to make their argument. Provide an example of this “way of knowing” from one of the presentations.

Section #2

To what extent did the lecture by Nadine Burke Harris address each of the following levels of social environments in terms of their implications for development among children facing maltreatment: micro-social, meso-social, and macro-social? Using your own ideas, give an example of how the presentation could have addressed one of the levels even more forcefully. Within this discussion, make sure to demonstrate you clear understanding of each level of the social environment, citing core course materials (with in-text citations) as part of your demonstration of understanding.

Section #3

Explain in your own words the concept of person-environment transactions, making at least one link to the core course material when describing this concept. Now, consider the remarks by Dante Cicchetti that you reviewed for section #1. How might some of the “selected sequelae of child maltreatment” that he discusses demonstrate the idea that people influence the very environments that influence them? Identify an implication of this insight when working with children and families experiencing maltreatment in terms of engagement, assessment, OR goals for intervention.

Section #4

Based on your viewing of the lecture by Nadine Burke Harris in full and remarks by Dante Cicchetti at time stamp 0:00-1:54 and 36:04-40:00, which presentation incorporated insights from a complex systems perspective more explicitly? Describe at least one clear and compelling example—demonstrating your understanding of at least one specific and central concept from complex systems theory through in-text citations (e.g., probabilism, non-reductionism, non-linear causality, heterogeneity). Conclude with a discussion on how this insight from complex systems theory enhances your sensitivity to diversity among children facing maltreatment and overall implications for practice.

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