Discussion post on Licus of Control self examiniation


just a discussion: first complete the Locus of Control self-evaluation from this Unit 7 Study 1. Using the results from the self-evaluation and this unit’s text and study materials, prepare a post that encompasses the following:Part 1 of the PostDiscuss the goal of social justice and how Multicultural Counseling and Therapy is related to social justice values.How do the concepts of worldview and locus of control inform competent counseling practice?Based on the self-assessment, what did you learn about your locus of control?

Part 2 of the PostRefer to the cases presented in your reading from the Center for Applied Linguistics: Cultural Orientation Resource Center’s “Challenges in Resettlement and Adaptation of Muslim Refugees” (scroll down to page 19 of the PDF) and select one that interests you. Imagine that the caseworker has referred the individual, couple or family to you for counseling. Based on your readings, identify and discuss the cultural considerations that would inform your work with the client or clients.As you consider the challenges faced by your client or clients, you recognize that you have a responsibility to take on the role of advocate. Propose an Advocacy Plan that addresses the following:Describe the counselor’s role in promoting social justice.Analyze the characteristics and concerns of refugees, both nationally and internationally, as they pertain to culturally competent counseling practices. For example, what are international political and social issues that a counselor should seek to understand about Muslim refugees? What national policies, such as Homeland Security, need to be considered?Evaluate the historical/current implications regarding immigration, poverty, and welfare.Evaluate the advocacy processes that address institutional racism and social barriers that impede access, equity, and success for clients from diverse populations.Address your role as the counselor in the reduction of biases, prejudices, and discrimination, whether intentional or unintentional.Social justice is a philosophy or theory that promotes equal access and opportunity for all people, by advocating at the micro (individual or family), meso (school or community), and macro (public policy) levels. Recommend a strategy that you could employ to promote social justice at each of those levels.

I took the test and this is my results:

 Internal locus16-42In-between locus43-69External locus70-961696Your score was 60. The range of possible scores is from 16 to 96.Understanding Your Score on the Work Locus of Control ScaleThe Work Locus of Control Scale is designed to assess control beliefs in the workplace. Individuals who feel that they are very much in charge of their own destiny in the workplace have an internal locus of control; those who think that events in their work life are due mainly to fate/luck or powerful others have an external locus of control. Scores on the scale can range from 16 to 96. Higher scores indicate that you have a higher external work locus of control. Lower scores indicate more of an internal work locus of control. The average score for employees and students in Canada and the United States is 40.I guess from what the test states I am In-between locusS

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