Purdue University Global Public Relations Manager Letters


For this assignment, respond using the following scenario:

You are the public relations manager for the new art museum that is opening in Midtown, Montana. The Gifted Children Museum is hosting its grand opening a month from today and it is free to the public. The event will include an art auction with pieces from children ages 7–15 who live in underserved communities throughout the United States. All auction proceeds will support education and health care programs within these communities. There will be food vendors and a gift shop available during the event. To promote the grand opening, you need to create media messaging through a media alert, pitch letter, and a news release.

You will write a separate Word document for each of the tactics below:

Media Alert

Media alerts are advisories that notify reporters in advance about special events. Create a media alert using the formatting provided in the textbook example. Your media alert should be no longer than one page and meet the following requirements:

  • At the top, include a one-line headline.
  • Next, provide a brief paragraph outlining the event.
  • In a bulleted list, provide what, when, where, who, and contact information.

Pitch Letter

Create an email pitch letter to send to reporters to get press coverage for the art museum’s grand opening. Your pitch letter should be no longer than half a page and meet the following requirements:

  • Create a subject that tells the reporter about the event. Avoid being gimmicky.
  • Keep the message brief. Use only a few paragraphs.
  • Present your major point or idea in the first paragraph.
  • Provide supplemental information in the subsequent paragraph.
  • Be sure to include a link to the museum website or press page.

News Release

A news release is a way for public relations professionals to make official statements or announcements to the media at large on behalf of a company, organization, or public figure. Create a news release using the formatting provided in the textbook example. Your media alert should be no longer than one page and meet the following requirements:

  • Use single spacing.
  • Keep the body of the news release to 200 words or less.
  • Use the inverted pyramid style with the most important information first.
  • Include the name of the organization and logo at the top of the release.
  • The second line should give the date.
  • The next line is a centered, boldface headline that is at least two points larger in font size than the body text. Use 20 words or less for the headline.
  • Provide a dateline with the city of origination before the start of the lead paragraph.
  • Include the who, what, where, why, and when in the lead. Use no more than 2 sentences for the lead.
  • Provide additional information throughout the rest of the news release.
  • You can include a quote from a leader at the museum.
  • Include a link to the museum website for more information.
  • The last paragraph should be a boilerplate that provides basic information about the organization.
  • The release should end with your name, title, telephone number, and email address.

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