University of Phoenix Five Factor Trait Theory Question

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Five-Factor Trait Theory

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  1. Select 2 leaders (political, corporate, and athletic leaders are all appropriate) of your choice. One leader should be someone that you are drawn to or root for and the second leader should be someone that you dislike or root against.Research both selected leaders.Apply the Five-Factor Trait theory to analyze the leaders on each of the 5 parameters.Write a 1- to 2-page blog post that examines personality traits of the 2 leaders. Address the following:

    • What was unique about the leader?
    • How did they rate overall on an empirical scale?
    • How does biology impact their personality traits?
    • How does their personality trait impact their leadership development and engagement?
    • Compare and contrast the personality traits of the 2 leaders.
    • Does this analysis give you any insight into why you like or root for one and against the other?
    • What are some strengths and weaknesses of the Five-Factor of Personality theory?

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