Central Georgia Technical College Personality Abnormal Behavior and Therapy Paper


Personality, Abnormal Behavior, and Therapy”

Please answer the following questions and prompts in a 3-4 page narrative that demonstrates a personal understanding of the material. Provide detailed examples from your own experiences that illustrate the concepts; if possible, discuss how this information might be relevant to your future career; whenever possible, define concepts with your own words. Please answer EACH of the six questions

? What is the term for a cultural stereotype that refers to all members of a country? What do you think about this idea? Where have you encountered this notion before?

? Has the Five Factor Model of personality been determined to be valid cross- culturally? Give two pieces of evidence in support of your answer.

? Name and describe, in your own words, ANY ONE of the non-FFM personality dimensions that may arise out of indigenous personality theories. Provide a link to a YouTube clip that illustrates this behavior well.

? When discussing policy-level approaches to reducing stereotyping and prejudice, one approach is called a “multi-cultural approach”. Name and describe the competing approach. What is the major difference between the two, in your understanding?

? What is ONE best-practice recommendation for training psychologists who are culturally-sensitive?

? Name AND describe ANY TWO big-picture themes that have emerged across our course in cross-cultural psychology.

? You need to submit these briefs ONLINE via our course D2L page (using the dropbox function) by the day and time that it is due. Due to the fast pacing of this course, briefs CANNOT be made up, unless strong supportive documentation is provided. This is to maintain fairness to all students. Papers should be submitted as Word *.docs with double-spaced with one-inch margins and 12-pt. font. When citing sources, please use APA-style referencing (in-text citations).

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