Person-centered Mental Health Counseling Case Conceptualization


This is for a discussion post. No set number of pages are required. It does not need to be long (about one page or less) but it needs to be very well written, scholarly, in a discussion tone, using APA.

It will involve reading material and watching a two-hour video. I have included extra time for this.

A response to two of the other discussion posts will be required but I will send that as a separate assignment later.


You will need Vital Source Bookshelf App to read the ebook. Sign in details have been provided in documents.

Please see link for more details:…

Two of the videos are still uploading (takes ages) but you are able to view transcript and listen to the audio


Discussion: Person-Centered Counseling: Case Conceptualization

For this Discussion, you will write a case conceptualization just as you did last week, but this time as though you were a person-centered counselor. A case conceptualization is a report that is written by a counselor to explain presenting problems, establish goals, plan interventions, and identify expected outcomes.

As you review this week’s Learning Resources and media file, note techniques and interventions, and consider the role of a person-centered counselor in planning treatment. Further, reflect on person-centered therapy with respect to developing your own theoretical orientation. In what ways do you find that person-centered therapy resonates with your own point of view?

To Prepare:

  • Review the person-centered expressive arts therapy video from this week’s Learning Resources. Take note of language and techniques used by the counselor that are specific to this theory.
  • Review the Psychoanalytic Case Conceptualization Example found in this week’s Learning Resources and use this document to prepare your initial Discussion post.
  • Select one of the four case studies presented in this week’s Learning Resources, and answer the following points as if you were a person-centered counselor. Use your Learning Resources and the notes you took on language and technique from the person-centered expressive arts therapy video to support your conceptualization and integrate examples from the case to support your post. Include the following:
    • Presenting Problem
    • Treatment Goals
    • Identification and explanation of at least two techniques and interventions
    • Expected Outcome

By Day 3

Post your person-centered conceptualization.

Be sure to support your main post with specific references to the Learning Resources using proper APA format and citations.


There are three resources for required reading listed within resources doc and a two hour long video.

(including Hazler, R. (2016). Person-centered theory. In D. Capuzzi & M. D. Stauffer (Eds.), Counseling and psychotherapy: Theories and interventions (6th ed., pp. 169–194). Alexandria, VA: American Counseling Association.)

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