Psychology (task 1)


ask 1 – Introduction to Social Psychology and Social Cognition

In this week’s Task you will explore two important definitions: social psychologyand social cognition.

Read: “An Introduction to the Science of Social Psychology”


Explore the history and principles of Social Psychology by reading “Defining Social Psychology: History and Principles

Take a closer look at the pioneers of Social Psychology. Read “Historical Figures in Social Psychology”

Choose at least two of the influential pioneers of social psychology from step 3 and do the following:

Prepare a brief essay that

1. Describes social psychology in your own words

2. Demonstrates your knowledge of the two pioneers you have identified. Specifically, discuss how these individuals have contributed to the field of social psychology.

Upload your essay into Moodle. Be sure to use proper APA formatting and citations where appropriate.

APA formatting:

· 12 pt. Times New Roman Font

· Double spacing

APA citations:

· The final page of the paper should be titled References.

· Citations should be formatted like this:

· Last name of author, first initial. (year article was published). Title of article. Retrieved from URL.

· Example: Smith, J. (2016). This is the title. Retrieved from

Online students – your assignment is due by Sunday night at 11:59 p.m.

On-ground students – your assignment is due before you go to class.

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