Walden University Behavior Skills Training Discussion


    Research regarding training of performance-based skills have found that behavior skills training (BST) is an effective approach. BST generally consists of instructions, modeling, rehearsal/practice, and giving feedback until a person has reached a predetermined level of mastery of the behavior or skill being trained (Parsons, Rollyson, & Reid, 2012).

For this Discussion, you consider how you could use BST when supervising BCBAs in training and provide an example of such use.

Parsons, M. B., Rollyson, J. H., & Reid, D. H. (2012). Evidence-based staff training: A guide for practitioners. Behavior Analysis in Practice, 5(2), 2–11. https://doi.org/10.1007/BF03391819

  • Review the Learning Resources for this week and consider potential uses for behavior skills training when supervising BCBAs in training. Note: It is mandatory for you to review the media for this week prior to completing this Discussion.
  • Review the interactive media in the Learning Resources, “Four Steps of Behavior Skills Training.”

Post an explanation of what BST is and how it can be used in supervising BCBAs in training. Include an example of supervisee behavior amenable to BST.

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