1) A client with chronic kidney disease (CKD) completes a…

Question Answered step-by-step 1) A client with chronic kidney disease (CKD) completes a… 1) A client with chronic kidney disease (CKD) completes a hemodialysis (HD) treatment. Which assessment should the nurse perform to evaluate the client’s status immediately.a) Seum creatineb) Assessment of fistular function and patencyc) Serum potassiumd) Vital signs2) A nurse is caring for a client that is receiving peritoneal dialysis. The nurse should monitor the client for which manifestation of peritonitis?a) Nausea and vomittingb) Hyperactive bowel soundc) Bradycardiad) Increased urinary output3) A nurse is calculating the output of a client at the end of the shift. The nurse notes the following client voided 400 ml at 11:00 and 350ml at 14:30. The closed chest drainage system was previously marked at 155ml and is now at 175ml(20ml this shift). The NG tube has 575 ml in the drainage container, and 25ml is emptied out of the Jackson pratt drainage tube. How many ml should the nurse record in the medical record as a client’s output?a) 1370b) 13454) The nurse is caring for a client with end stage renal disease .which is an expected finding?a) Potassium 4.5mEq/Lb) Urine Output of 30ml/hourc) Magnessium 3.6mEq/ld) Blood pressure 80/64 mm Hg5) After change of shift report. which client should the nurse assess firsta) Client with a urinary tract infection complaining of painful urinationb) Client with polycystic kidney disease complaining of slurred speechc) Client who has cloudy urine after a cystoscopyd) Client who voided bright red urine immediately after returning from lithotripsy6) A nurse is planning care for a client with acute glomerulonephritis. Which intervention should the nurse include in the plan?a) Obtain weight weeklyb) Administer antibioticsc) Encourage increased fluid intaked) Encourage frequent ambulation7) The nurse is caring for a client complaining of dizziness and confusion who was hospitalized for diabetes insipidus. which laboratory results should the nurse expect?a) Decreased serum hematocritb) Increased serum sodiumc) Increased urine specific gravityd) Increased urine potassium8) the nurse is assessing a client admitted with hyperthyroidsm. the client reports a weight loss of 5.4 kg (12lb) in the last 2 months, increased appitite, increased perspiration, fatigue. menstral irregularity, and restlessness. which action should the nurse take to prevent a thyroid crisis?a) decrease glucose levelsb) decreased white blood cell countc) increased red blood cell countd) increased platelet count Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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