14b.Kerry has now been in hospital for 3 days the focus has…

Question Answered step-by-step 14b.Kerry has now been in hospital for 3 days the focus has… 14b.  Kerry has now been in hospital for 3 days the focus has switched from initial stabilisation of blood glucose levels to looking at strategies for how Kerry can be supported with adherence to a management plan Part of the ENs role in conjunction with the interdisciplinary health care team is to collect data that is used to review and modify the care planning process. You have completed a Nursing care plan as per above (Q14a) now you are to modify this into a management plan. In the table below outline 6 outcomes with interventions you can suggest to the team. NURSING DIAGNOSIS: Risk for unstable blood glucose levels related to inadequate blood glucose monitoring and lack of adherence to diabetes management planPATIENT GOAL: Maintains a balance of nutrition, activity and insulin availability that results in stable, normal blood glucose levelsDiabetes Self-managementDesired Outcomes  Interventions and Rationales Evaluation Statement 1.Example- Follows recommended diet Example – Teach patient to use a food diary to Example – Kerry will record her food record dietary intake for at least 2 days intake in the diary for 2 days  All nurses are required to undertake continual professional development; this is often undertaken in the format of in-services in the workplace. You are a 1st year graduated EN and your Nurse Unit Management has asked you to present a short in-service to your colleagues in regards to evidence-based practice relating to Kerry’s outcomes as noted in the management plan in Q14b  Therefore to be able to present your in-service you need to choose one outcome (Q14b) and discuss how it is supported by evidence based practice. (You may use a journal article, credible research from an online site or textbook and you must show the reference)  Health Science Science Nursing HLT 54115 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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