2. Give two reasons why accumulation of lactic acid during vigorous…

Question Answered step-by-step 2. Give two reasons why accumulation of lactic acid during vigorous… 2. Give two reasons why accumulation of lactic acid during vigorous exercise lead to an increase in heart beat. (2mks) 3. A process that occurs in plants is represented by the equation below. C6H12O6 2C2 H5OH) +  (2CO2) + Energy Glucose Ethanol Carbon Dioxide a) Name the process (1mk) b) State the economic importance of process name in (a) above.    (1mk) 4. Other than carbon dioxide, name the other products of anaerobic respiration in plants. (2mks) 5. Name the substance which accumulates in muscles when respiration occurs with insufficient oxygen. (1mk) 6. a) In what form is energy stored in muscles? (1mk) b) State the economic importance of anaerobic respiration in plants.  (2mks) 7. State four ways in which respiratory surfaces are suited to their function. (4mks) 8. a) A dog weighing 15.2kg requires 216kJ while a mouse weighing  50g requires 2736KJ per day. Explain. (2mks) b) What is the end product of respiration in animals when there is  insufficient oxygen supply? (1mk) 9     a) Name the products of anaerobic respiration in: i) Plants (1mk) ii) Animals (1mk) b) What is oxygen debt? (1mk)10. 5C51H98O6 + 145O2         1 O2CO2  + 98 H2O + energy The above equation shows an oxidation reaction of food substances. a) What do you understand by the term respiratory quotient? (1mk) b) Determine respiratory quotient of the oxidation of food substance.   (2mks) c) Identify the food substances. (1mk) 11 Write differences between aerobic respiration and photosynthesis. (4mks) Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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