A patient was having right upper quadrant abdominal pain and went…

Question Answered A patient was having right upper quadrant abdominal pain and went… A patient was having right upper quadrant abdominal pain and went to their primary care physician to see what was going on. The patient’s symptoms consisted of adnominal bloating, appetite loss, stool change, and nausea. The physician diagnosed the patient with a stomach virus and sent them home. The patient came back to the office a few weeks later with the same symptoms but also stated they are very fatigued. The patient asked the physician to run some tests as they feel something is not right with their body. The physician again stated the patient had a stomach virus and sent them back home without ordering any blood work, x-rays, or scans. The physician told the office’s medical assistant that the patient is a hypochondriac and is wants to be prescribed pain medication. A few weeks went by, and the patient went to the emergency room as they turned jaundice. The ER doctor ordered blood work and an abdominal CT scan. The liver enzymes were very elevated, and a tumor was located on the patient’s liver. The patient was admitted to the hospital and seen by an oncologist. Additional tests, including a liver biopsy, was performed. The biopsy diagnosed the patient with an advanced stage of liver cancer that metastasized to other major organs. The patient followed the oncologist’s orders and started a remedy of Chemotherapy and Radiation. Two years later, the patient decided to bring a lawsuit against the medical practice for ignoring their sign and symptoms.Which term best describes the individual who brings on the lawsuit, and in this scenario would be the patient? Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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