Case Scenario Two You are an RPN in a public health clinic in an…

Question Answered step-by-step Case Scenario Two You are an RPN in a public health clinic in an… Case Scenario TwoYou are an RPN in a public health clinic in an underserved area of the city. You see many clients with a variety of social and economic issues every day. One of your regular clients a young single mother with three children comes to see you today in distress. She has run out of her medication because she sold it on the street to make extra money to buy food as the food bank is tightening its belts and it is hard to get food. She begs you to provide her with the medication she requires. You know that you cannot dispense medication to her and you would need to have the approval of the Nurse Practitioner (NP) to do so. You also know the NP will not approve of dispensing the medication if the NP knows the client did not lose the medication but sold it on the street.CENTENNIAL COLLEGEIEPN 223ASSIGNMENT #1 – An Ethical/Moral Dilemma Critical Reflective Analysis and Critique Assignmentusing the College of Nurses of Ontario’s Ethical Framework and Scholarly LiteratureStudent Name: ___________________________________________________________Marking CriteriaCheck ifcriterionis met.MarkEarnedCommentsAssess (5 marks)1.Describe the initial feelings you experienced in response to this situation. (0.5)2.Explicitlyidentify the ethical dilemma/situation in this scenario. (1)3.What are the client’s(or other person directly involved) values, wishes or beliefs in this situation? Consider cultural, spiritual beliefs and values. (state 2) (1)4.Identify two (2) of your personal values or beliefs that were in question during this situation. (1)5.Describe how this could influence your thoughts and how as a nurse, a nurse must ensure that they do not base their support and decision-making based on their biases. (1)6.Identify two (2) CNO nursing ethical values that were in question in this situation. Refer to the CNO Ethics Standard to identify these. (0.5)Note: Deduction of 0.5 mark if case scenario chosen is not identified.Plan (6 marks)1.Give two possible options that you can use to resolve this ethical situation, and explain each option. (1)2.For each of the two options identified, state your ethical and/or legal responsibilities as the Practical Nurse in this situation. Utilize the CNO Ethics Standard and include in this your plan. Utilize (and reference) other appropriate CNO Standards or Guidelines, relevant federal/provincial legislations, and any Canadian or Ontario government websites that may relate to this situation to guide your understanding of it and your role. (2)3.Incorporate at least two evidence-based and scholarly examples to support your ideas. The link between your plan and the literature cited must be clear. (3)Implement (4 marks)1.Based on your identified options and responsibilities (refer to your answer in theprevious section (“Plan”) as an RPN, discuss which option and course of action you will take in this situation. Give the reasons for your choice. Use all appropriate CNO documents or legislation to support your decision. (2)2.Explain two (2) ways, you, as the Practical Nurse, can demonstrate leadership in this situation. Refer to, and include the CNO Professional Standards in your discussion. (2)Evaluate (3 marks)1.State three (3) additional resources (excluding CNO documents, course reading materials and your textbooks) that you could utilize in the future to help you in your decision making with respect to ethical situations such as this. Be specific. (1.5)2.Describe three (3) ways your reflection on this situation has enhanced yourunderstanding and/or ability to handle similar situations in the future. Be specific. (1.5)?References cited correctly, . Reference list is accurate. (1)Grammar and Syntax?Writing includes accurate grammar & spelling, meets CNO communication Health Science Science Nursing IEPN MISC Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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