Case Shelly had planned to be discharged to home on Wednesday….

Question Answered Case Shelly had planned to be discharged to home on Wednesday…. CaseShelly had planned to be discharged to home on Wednesday. Because of the burns, Shelly will need dressing changes. Shelly’s family is not willing to do the dressing changes at this point, and because of the location of the burns, Shelly is not able to do them herself. Instead of being discharged home, Shelly is transferred to a skilled nursing floor on Wednesday. After several days on the unit, the staff noted that Shelly was not eating much and that she had stopped socializing with her roommate and with the staff. During an assessment, Shelly indicates all she wants to do is go home and resume her life. She thought she would only need to adjust to the colostomy. She didn’t expect she would also have to deal with the extra wounds.Shelly spent 15 days on the skilled unit, during which time her family became convinced that Shelly really needed to be at home and agreed to help with the dressing changes, which have to be done twice a day. Shelly lives alone and appreciates her independence, but has reconciled herself to the fact that she will need her family’s help. Shelly and the participating family members were instructed on the steps of the dressing change procedure, frequency, and supplies needed. In addition, Shelly was given specific instructions on bathing to avoid causing an infection in the burn wounds. Shelly agreed that she understood all of the instructions on dressing changes and bathing.Because all of her family works, Shelly will need home health to provide one of the dressing changes each day during the work week. With her long-term diabetes and slow healing, Shelly continued to require home health care for dressing changes for 4 months.Based on the case, what are the healthcare outcomes Shelly expected? Compare and contrast the various resources available for achieving the health care outcomes Mary anticipated. Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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