Health Policy Analysis – Framing Question Framing Questions TO…

Question Health Policy Analysis – Framing Question Framing Questions TO… Health Policy Analysis – Framing Question Framing Questions • TO IMPROVE NURSE STAFFING RATIO DURING PANDEMIC PERIOD:What is the policy lever—is it legislative, administrative, regulatory, other? What level of government or institution will implement? • How does the policy work/operate? (e.g., is it mandatory? Will enforcement be necessary? How is it funded? Who is responsible for administering the policy?) What are the objectives of the policy? • What is the legal landscape surrounding the policy (e.g., court rulings, constitutionality)? • What is the historical context (e.g., has the policy been debated previously)? • What are the experiences of other jurisdictions? • What is the value-added of the policy? • What are the expected short, intermediate, and longterm outcomes? • What might be the unintended positive and negative consequences of the policy?i need to write a health policy on staffing ratio. these are the framing questions.? Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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