I work inan exceptionally largehealthcare organization…

Question I work inan exceptionally largehealthcare organization… I work in an exceptionally large healthcare organization and disseminating evidence-based practice in such a big organization is incredibly challenging. Elevator Speeches and ground rounds are the two methods that I would use to distribute information. Melnyk & Fineout-Overholt (2018)” An elevator speech is a quick and concise way to communicate policy change or information, usually through a printed one-page document. I love elevator speeches for so many reasons. They can be placed for people to view both at their leisure and view often. For example, when placed in bathrooms, breakrooms, or elevators. Staff will read them multiple times and become familiar with it. You can include all the critical pieces of information for people who want bare-bones data and contact information for people who have follow-up questions. This is beneficial especially now that we are dealing with the pandemic of Covid 19 where large crowd gatherings are not allowed.  Grand rounds often happen with organization leaders presenting practice changes. These changes offer the team to get the change information straight from the leadership as well as allows them to answer questions in real-time and allows the administration to explain the reasoning behind the change fully. Leaders can answer the “So What?” questions, which will more likely engage staff in the transition from the start (Melnyk, 2012). Grand round allows staff to hear the evidence straight from their leaders (Melnyk & Fineout-Overholt, 2018). Elevator speeches and grand rounds have barriers. Since they are more prominent settings, people may not attend or may not feel they can ask questions. They may also not ask the question assuming another colleague will. These two methods may not be the best way to send necessary teaching materials related to the change either. Adequate access to and understanding of the materials is essential for an understanding of the changes (Newhouse, Dearholt, Poe, Pugh, & White, 2007). I would prefer not to disseminate information in the form of round-table discussions or committee meetings. Both roundtable and committee meetings are held with a smaller number of people. These meetings could lead to the information not being fully disseminated to all staff necessary. People who are more likely to attend roundtable and committee meetings are often the ones already engaged in EBP and change. This smaller setting may also spur more questions or concerns, taking the meetings off-topic. These types of meetings also tend to have more rigid agendas, not allowing time for adequate questions and answering. My assignment is respond this colleagues offering additional ideas to overcome the barriers to strategies suggested by your colleagues and/or by offering additional ideas to facilitate dissemination with citation and 2 references Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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