Learning Activity 3 Interpersonal Communication Techniques After…

Question Answered step-by-step Learning Activity 3 Interpersonal Communication Techniques After… Learning Activity 3Interpersonal Communication TechniquesAfter reading the communication on the left, indicate what technique the nurse has used, and whether the technique is therapeutic or nontherapeutic. Selections may be made from the list below. (Client [Ct], Nurse [Ns])Giving recognition                                          Indicating an external source of power                                                                            Giving adviceFocusing                                                            Voicing doubt                                                                            Belittling feelingsGiving reassurance                                         Exploring                                                                            ReflectingGiving broad opening                                     Requesting an explanation                                                                            RejectingVerbalizing the implied                                  Restating                                                                            Defending1.    Ct: “The FBI wants to kill me.”       Ns: “I find that hard to believe.”____________________________  T   N2.    Ns Asst: “Mr. J. always calls me sweetie pie.        I get so angry when he does that.”       Ns: “Perhaps you should consider how he is feeling.”____________________________  T   N3.    Ct: “My daddy always tucked me into bed at night.”Ns: “I’d like to talk more about your relationship with       your father.”____________________________  T   N4.    Ns to Ct: “Good morning, Sue. I see you are       wearing the hair bow you made in OT.”____________________________  T   N 5.    Ct: “I didn’t really mean it when I said I wanted to die.”       Ns: “What makes you say those kinds of things?”____________________________  T   N 6.    Ct: “Do you think I should get a divorce?”       Ns: “What do you think would be best for you?”____________________________  T   N 7.    Ct: “Whenever I ask for a different therapy, my doctor       just ignores me!”       Ns: “I’m sure he knows what’s best for you.”____________________________  T   N 8.    Ct: “We always had such fun on holidays when I was       growing up.”       Ns: “Tell me more about what it was like when you       were a little girl.”____________________________  T   N 9.    Ct: (Mute. Refusing to talk.)       Ns: “It must have been a horrible experience for you       being the only survivor of the automobile accident.”____________________________  T   N10.  Ct: “I don’t think my life will ever be the same again.”       Ns: “Cheer up. Everything’s going to be okay.”____________________________  T   N 11.  Ct: “I feel like such a failure in the eyes of my family.”       Ns: “You feel as though you have let your family down.”____________________________  T   N 12.  Ct: “Do you think I should leave home and get an       apartment of my own?”       Ns: “I think you would be much better off away from       your parents.”_____________________________ T   N13.  Ct: “Good morning, Nurse.”       Ns: “Good morning, Patricia. What would you like       to talk about today?”_____________________________  T   N 14.  Ct: “I’d like to talk about my relationship with me       boyfriend, Jack.”Ns: “Oh, let’s don’t talk about that. You talk about       that too much.”_____________________________  T   N15.  Ct: “I want to call my husband.”       Ns: “Why do you want to talk to him after the way              he treated you?”_____________________________  T   N  1.     “What do you think you should do?” If the nurse makes this statement to a client, it is an example of what technique? Is it therapeutic or nontherapeutic?2.     “Just hang in there. Everything will be all right.” If the nurse makes this statement to a client, it is an example of what technique? Is it therapeutic or nontherapeutic?3.     Reflect on some things that friends or close relatives have told you characterizes your style of communicating and relating to others. How can you use this self-awareness to promote the development of therapeutic relationships and communications?4.     Self-reflection- my feelings for this clinical: Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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