Mollie Stone, a 22-year-old female client, presents to the…

Question Answered Mollie Stone, a 22-year-old female client, presents to the… Mollie Stone, a 22-year-old female client, presents to the emergency department with colicky pain in her flanks. She is doubled over with the pain, stating that the pain is worse than when she gave birth to her son last year. She stated that she has bloody urine but is not on her period. The vital signs are T, 99 °F; BP, 140/90 mm Hg; HR, 90 beats/minute; RR, 22 breaths/minute; pain is 9/10; colicky intermittent pain in her flanks bilaterally. A urinalysis is positive for red blood cells. A renal profile was sent to the lab. The physician ordered a KUB and IVP for R/O renal calculi; strain all urine for renal calculi. The client as the LPN the following questions. a. What is the purpose of a KUB? What is an IVP and what is the purpose? b. The client states “I am very concerned about my blood pressure, why is it so high?” c. What can I have for pain? d. What is the purpose of straining the urine for renal calculi? The RN wants to know if the LPN knows the answers to the following questions:e. If the client is diagnosed with uric acid stones, what types of food do they need to avoid? Provide three examples. f. If the client is diagnosed with calcium oxalate stone, what types of food should they avoid? Provide three examples. g. What are the procedures that can be done if the client cannot pass the stone? Think of surgical and nonsurgical procedures. Explain the procedure. Explain the nurse’s role in the procedure.  Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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