Ms Lee has now been on the Palliative Care ward for a week.Her…

Question Answered step-by-step Ms Lee has now been on the Palliative Care ward for a week.Her… Ms Lee has now been on the Palliative Care ward for a week.  Her condition has deteriorated in the past few days and is she is now bed bound and the care team have commenced a syringe driver for continuous pain relief. She has difficulty breathing and swallowing and is therefore refusing nutrition as she has decided she wishes to die. Her daughter has been able to be by her side intermittently over the past 2 days as Ms Lee’s death is imminent. She is not there at the time of her death however.Ms Lee has had an advanced care directive where she states she is not to be resuscitated, ventilated, artificially hydration, have artificial nutrition, antibiotics or provided with any treatment to prolong her life. She has also stated that she doesn’t wish to be an organ donor or receive any lifesaving blood transfusions. She also wishes for her daughter (if she is not present at the time) to be contacted regarding her death by an aboriginal liaison officer.The care team have created a care plan around these wishes and are planning to provide comfort and pain relief for Ms Lee.Q.1 Outline roles and responsibilities as a Enrolled Nurse when caring for a person in general, after death. Include what standard precautions are needed and why and who is to be notify when a person dies within a care facility. Q.2   Outline the appropriate cultural and spiritual care of the death of an Aboriginal person. Q.3       Outline 4 ways for each of the 2 areas below, as to how you can provide the person, family or carer with opportunities to discuss spiritual and cultural issues in an open and non-judgmental manner SpiritualCultural  Health Science Science Nursing HLT 54115 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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