Please help me understand this They survey team has cited your NF…

Question Answered step-by-step Please help me understand this They survey team has cited your NF… Please help me understand this They survey team has cited your NF for F Tag 550, regarding resident rights, in particular failure to treat residents with respect and dignity. The surveyor noticed several older female residents with their hair braided in twelve or more small braids, fastened with elastic bands with animal or flower ornaments on each. The surveyor deemed the hairstyle to be childish and demeaning to the dignity of the residents, and categorized it as a D deficiency.Upon investigation, the NHA is told that one of the residents, who has dementia, asks for her hair to be braided in that manner. She believes one of the CNAs is her aunt, who always used to fix her hair in braids when she was a child. Some other CNAs thought it would be fun to dress other ladies’ hair in a similar fashion. The residents seemed to enjoy the extra attention, and the resulting atmosphere seemed like a hair salon, which raised the residents’ spirits. However, one visiting family member was dismayed about the hairstyle, saying her relative had never worn her hair in that fashion, not even as a child, and one of the residents was embarrassed about the hairstyle when she realized the surveyors were in the building.a. How would you identify the cause of the problem?b. What would you do to define its scope?c. What would you do to address the problem? Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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