Policy analysis that provides informed advice to a patient that…

Question Policy analysis that provides informed advice to a patient that… Policy analysis that provides informed advice to a patient that relates to a public policy decision, includes a recommendation course of action/inaction and is framed by the patients powers and values. I need help with the local community of Beverly Hills, CA on either substance abuse, mental health or physical activity and nutrition. ONLY ONE of the three is necessary. Preferably substance abuse. Be sure to cite within the response to the question/part. From your weekly readings (be sure to read chapter 14 from the Teitelbaum text in detail) you will:Structure a health policy analysis presentation that addresses the following topics particular to your health problem.Problem Statement: defines problem being addressed in analysis, how a problem is framed is one of the most important steps in a policy analysis. Usually in a form of a question. It is narrow. It is neutral or value-laden and must lead to the possibility of several options, and NO RECOMMENDATIONS in this part. An example of a problem statement is: How can the nurse practitioner decrease drug abuse in the local community and promote recovery? Another example is: How can mental health be achieved in Beverly Hills, California?Background: This part needs to be factual. It informs the leader why a problem has been chosen for the analysis. It provides much of the facts and information necessary to understand the problem being addressed. IT IS A STATISTIC! An example of a background is: “As of 2016, 28.6% of the adults in Kent County were obese (Aiken, 2020).”Landscape: This part is context. It identifies key stakeholders. The issues must be considered when analyzing the problem. It is phrasing the problem statement. P. 283 in the text book Teitelbaum and p.284 will help with this portion. Options: p.285 in the textbook Teitelbaum will help with this portion. Scholarly articles are required***, **there must be 3-5 options, all options must: be within power of the client to do, be consistent with the patient’s values, address issue identified in the problem statement, and identify criteria that will be used to evaluate the option Recommendations: choose recommended course of action based upon your data and the needs of the local community. Multiple recommendations are appropriate depending upon the healthcare issue identified. Consider a pro and con list. Consider a priority list. Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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