Review the evidence-based practice project ideas you described in…

Question Answered step-by-step Review the evidence-based practice project ideas you described in… Review the evidence-based practice project ideas you described in Topic 5 DQ 1. Based on your initial ideas, what types of scholarly nursing research (such as quantitative or qualitative research, peer-reviewed resources, etc.) would be required to further investigate the issue? Identify the criteria you would use to evaluate the appropriateness of the research. Why is it important to select research that meets these criteria?ReferenceTopic 5 DQ 1One of the main problems is the nurse-to-patient ratio exacerbated by the treatment deficit as a seriously registered nurse (CCRN). This results in burnout syndrome (BOS), resulting in inadequate treatment. There are a few interlinked causes, but the overall issue is the BOS, which affects the patients.BOS was initially identified by people with no history of neurological or mental problems as a work-based constellation of symptoms and signs (Moss, M., & Good, S., 2016). This is frequently as the aspirations of nurses are long overdue dependent on working conditions. Patients become furious, tired, depressed, scared, and miserable at their work. Nurses who experience these harsh working environments often appear to have physical effects such as headaches, muscle pain, sleeplessness, and stomach complications.BOS results in decreased care quality, reduced customer satisfaction and a rise in employment turnover (Moss, M., & Good, S., 2016). High morbidity and mortality of patients that have been cared for; thus, the job at the ICU will stress several levels because of the day’s stressful activities and the nurse’s high obligations. Health Science Science Nursing NUR 513 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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