State four circumstances under which a customer would prefer to be…

Question Answered step-by-step State four circumstances under which a customer would prefer to be… State four circumstances under which a customer would prefer to be paid by a banker’s cheque 4. Give four contents of a statement of account 5. State four limitation of hawking 6. State four disadvantages a person may experience when using credit cards 7. Name four commercial services which are useful to a manufacturer 8. Give four disadvantages of barter trade 9. Show how the following transactions may affect the items of balance sheet, stating whether it is     an increase , decrease or no effect Transaction Assets Capital Liabilities (a) Additional investment in cash (b) Purchase of stock by credit (c) Pre-paid loan in cash (c) Took a loan to pay another loan 10. Identify the type of wholesaler described in each of the following cases in the table below: Description Type of wholesaler(a) They sell a wide range of goods within one line of products (b) They stock their products in vehicles and move around selling to other traders (c) They stock particular types of goods and sell to other specialized traders (d) They operate on a self-service basis where other traders pick, pay and transport goods on their own 11. Differentiate between the following documents used in home trade:    (a) Consignment note and delivery note     (b) Credit note and Debit note 12. A trader sold a bag of sugar at Kshs.4000. The buyer was allowed a trade discount of 10%. If he pays the debt in two weeks and cash discount of 3% if payment is made within one month. Calculate the amount the trader received if the buyer paid within 15days 14. State four circumstances under which a proforma invoice can be used 15.  State four benefits of selling goods on hire purchase terms 16. List four advantages of hire purchase to the buyer 17. List four essentials of a bill of exchange 18. State four factors that determine the period for which documents should be stored 19. Identify four essentials of a valid bill of exchange                      20. Mama Cindy purchased 100 packets of sweets worth kshs1625.if she was allowed a 5% quantity discount and 2 ½% cash discount, calculate the price she paid per packets of sweets  Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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