The majority of urinary tract infections occur in women. Use your…

Question The majority of urinary tract infections occur in women. Use your… The majority of urinary tract infections occur in women. Use your knowledge of the urinary tract system to explain why this is the case.Elijah is supposed to take his diabetic grandmother in for an appointment with her specialist. He wheels her into the hospital but is trying to figure out which department to take her to. He knows the doctor monitors his grandmother’s kidneys for issues because she has diabetic kidney disease. Explain what prefix Elijah should look for to find the correct department.During routine doctor’s visits, patients may be asked for a urine sample. Using what you have learned about the urinary system, explain what test the doctor might be planning to run and what information could be gained from the sample of urine.Using medical terms, explain the location of the kidney in the body. Many times, a patient will feel pain but not know exactly what is causing it. What kind of description might a patient give to their doctor if they are experiencing kidney pain?Melissa is a nurse care practitioner who has just seen her first patient of the day. Translate the notes that Melissa has made into layman’s terms.41 y.o. female pt. c/o hematuria, dysuria. No past h/o UTI, cystitis, pyelonephritis. VSS, temp 101.6. Tests:CC shows elevated WBC. C&S positive for bacteria.Dx: UTIPCP: Rx Macrobid 100 mg po q12h x7d, Pyridium 100 mg t.i.d. prn pain. Pt. f/u x7d if symptoms persist.Listen to the recording of the urologist’s notes and transcribe them using the correct medical terminology and abbreviation. Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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