This aims towards understanding the difference in missed care…

Question Answered step-by-step This aims towards understanding the difference in missed care… This aims towards understanding the difference in missed care between magnet and non-magnet hospitals.First of all that abstract article was definitely digestive reading. After reading this article I have gathered that Magnet status hospitals are hospitals that have a focused on job satisfaction and quality of the work environment. I found this to be my dream job of working in a magnet hospital. In the article it states “nurses are more satisfied have less emotional exhaustion, more collegial physical-nurse relationships, better teamwork among the nursing staff, enhanced work environments, more opportunity to influence decisions and empowerment, more acceptable workloads, and a higher level of staffing”. I mean that is a dream job right there. To have less patients so you can have more time doing patient education and preventative care…imagine that. The results of the study showed that Magnet hospitals have less overall missed nursing care then non magnet hospitals. The focus was on turning, feign, meal set up, full documentation, patient teaching, mouth care, IV/Central line site care, all-light response, medication effectiveness assessment and skin/wound care. I just couldn’t believe that the impact on nurse to patient ratio was this drastic. I even read about 6% less mortality rate in magnet hospitals. Then I thought to myself why isn’t all hospitals magnet hospitals?What is your thoughts or opinions about this? Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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