Using theICD-10-CM manual, code the following cases(do not assign…

Question Answered step-by-step Using theICD-10-CM manual, code the following cases(do not assign… Using the? ICD-10-CM manual, code the following cases? (do not assign procedure? codes) (refer to the? ICD-10-CM Official Guidelines Section? I: C-2, Section II and Section? III, as? needed):Location?: Maumee Bay HospitalAdmission? Date:? 02/11/20xxDischarge? Date:? 02/14/20xxAttending? Physician: C.? Brown, MDChief Complaint?: Intractable right upper quadrant? pain, rule out metastatic caPast? Medical, Family, and Social History?:Recent history of colectomy secondary to tubular adenocarcinoma of sigmoid? colon; patient is still under treatment. Patient has a history of HTN and COPD.?Patient’s paternal grandmother died of colon cancer. No history of alcohol abuse.Physical Examination?:Vital? signs: Temperature 99.5°?F, height 5’9”?, weight 215? lbs, BP? 140/90, pulse? 82, and respirations 20. Examination of the abdomen was significant for enlarged? liver; bowel sounds were normal. The lungs were clear to? auscultation; the heart was a regular rate and rhythm without murmurs.Discharge Summary?:A? 56-year-old male with history of colon cancer was admitted with right upper quadrant pain. A CT of the abdomen revealed large hepatic mass. A liver biopsy was performed to rule out metastatic cancer of the liver. Pathology report revealed inoperable metastatic adenoma to the liver. Treatment options were discussed with the patient and his wife. At this? time, they would like to stop the chemotherapy and seek other treatment options. The patient was discharged with diagnosis of metastatic carcinoma of the colon to the liver.Final Diagnosis?: Liver cancer secondary to carcinoma of the colonCan you help me find the primary diagnosis so I can sequence the rest of the codes in order? Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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