Week 4 assignment, SS1 . Two populations of the same species of…

Question Answered step-by-step Week 4 assignment, SS1 . Two populations of the same species of… Week 4 assignment,SS1. Two populations of the same species of birds were separated over a long period of time by an ocean. Both populations initially fed on insects only. 2Later it was observed that one population fed entirely on fruits and seeds. Although insect were available. Name this type of evolutionary change.32. Explain why Lamarck’s theory of evolution is not accepted by biologists today4. State three pieces of evidence that support the theory of evolution. 5. state two advantages of natural selection to organisms 6. Give a reason why each of the following is important in the study of evolution(i) Fossils records(ii) Comparative anatomy7. Describe how natural selection brings about adaptation of a species to its environment 8. Explain how the process of evolution may result to the formation of new species9. What is meant by(a) organic evolution (b) continental drift 10. Explain continental drift as an evidence of evolution (11. (a) What is a test- cross? (b) Give a reason why organisms become resistant to drugs 12. Distinguish between the following terms (a) Homologous structures (b) Analogous structures ( 4 marks)13. (a) What is meant by natural selection?(b) Explain the role played by mutation in evolution ( 5 marks)14. Define the following terms(a) Hybrid(b) Hybrid vigour15. The peppered moth exists in two varieties, which are genetically controlled. The dark variety is found predominantly in industrial cities and the white variety is found predominantly in rural areas. Explain how this pattern of distribution supports the theory of evolution by natural selectionSS21 A strain of barley (A) has a high yield of seeds but a long stem which is subject to ‘lodging’ (a flattening of areas of the crop). Another strain (B) has a short, sturdy stem but a lower yield.The genotype of variety A is HHss (high yield, long stem) and the genotype of B is hhSS (low yield, short stem)  (a) Show how a plant breeder would cross these varieties to produce a high yielding, short       stemmed variety.  (b) Explain why this variety would not breed true.2 Choose from the list of words below, to complete the following sentence.In genetic engineering, a …..A …..from one organism is introduced into the ….. B …..of an unrelated organism.  chromosome, nucleus, gene, protein, genome 3 What name is given to an enzyme which is used to cut a DNA molecule at specific sites?4 What bacterial cell structures are used to carry the genes intended for genetic engineering?5 Name three useful products that can be obtained by genetic engineering.6 Outline the steps involved in using bacteria to produce human insulin.7 Give three examples of genetic engineering that are intended to improve crop plants.8 DNA can be split into fragments using restriction enzymes.  (a) Outline the technique used to separate these fragments.  (b) What property of the DNA fragments allows this separation? Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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