What do you think of this student design for a new graduate nurse…

Question Answered step-by-step What do you think of this student design for a new graduate nurse… What do you think of this student design for a new graduate nurse residency? What’s your feedback?1. Share your design for a new graduate nurse residency program. An ideal new graduate residency program would include a program that starts new grad nurses out with a smaller patient load, and works up to a higher patient load over time. It would allow for each new grad to be able to take on more responsibility at their own pace, based on individual merit instead of a strict schedule. So, if one new grad is better with various aspects that make a good nurse than another new grad nurse, then they can grow at their own pace. Ideally, preceptors would volunteer and be compensated extra for their extra efforts. Additionally, the new grad could hire/fire a preceptor. Some people are more compatible together and work better together than others. If the new grad and the preceptor do not have similar communication styles, then the new grad can request a new preceptor. There would be a program to step-up and take on more responsibility once new grads have proven themselves competent at certain tasks. For example, lets say new grad nurses are started out with two patients on a medical unit. Once they are able to take care of two patients without any errors, such as missed medications or ordering the wrong dietary plan (two of many examples) for, say, three weeks, the new grad would sit down with the floor manager and new grad manager and they would discuss if the nurse feels he or she is ready to take on three patients. Once a preceptor has witnessed the new grad doing a task on their own without assistance proficiently, the new grad would no longer need to be watched doing that task. For example, starting an IV or placing a Foley catheter. The new grad would be able to do these tasks if they have two patients or a full patient load, once they are checked off. There would be workshops for continuing education. These workshops would include effective communication techniques with different members of the interdisciplinary team. They would also include discussions on hard topics such as terminal illness, the sudden death of a child, and honoring a DNR/DNI order, among others. This way, the new grads would be required to think about these topics and develop their own ideas around them. This will make it easier to discuss these topics with patients and their families. 2. What support do you think you will need as new graduate nurse.As a new graduate nurse, I think that the preceptor you have is very important in whether or not the new grad has a positive experience. Having a preceptor that is passionate about teaching and molding the next generation of nurses means someone who wants to see you succeed will be helping you on your new journey. Without positive reinforcement and patience, new grads will not feel confident to try and expand their knowledge and ability base. Having a negative preceptor makes learning and growing confidence very difficult. As far as support, I really like having someone that watches me complete tasks and asks me questions/gives me constructive criticism. This way, I can refine my critical thinking skills. 3. From the themes identified in the study, respond to one that resonates with you.The theme that resonates with me from the paper is feeling valued. This goes back to my answer for #2, in which if you have a preceptor that is passionate about teaching, is uplifting and encouraging, and is patient, it makes me feel valued. If someone takes time to really foster my growth as a nurse, I will feel like I am in the right place for personal and professional growth. Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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