Applying Andragogy and Community (saunders)


Over  the past three weeks, we have studied the unique characteristics of  Andragogy. You have learned that adult learners have academic needs that  must be met by instructors.  For your assignment this week, create a  Word document, PowerPoint, or Prezi that:

  1. explains your understanding of andragogy;  
  2. includes specific examples of how you will attend to the unique needs of adult learners in your classroom; and 
  3. describes how you will build community by attending to the following:
  • warm-ups  or ice breakers you might use the first days or weeks of class or  training. Explain each warm-up or ice breaker in detail
  • other steps you will take to help build a sense of community in your classroom
  • explanations about why it is important to promote community among learners 

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