Select one of your sources that you will use for your Review. You will be making notes (annotating) this text so that you can see how it is written and use it as a model for techniques you want to employ or avoid in your own writing.

This assignment is due midnight Sunday 9/24.

I need to be able to see the original text of your source AND your comments. The easiest way to achieve this may be to copy/paste the text of your source into a Word document so you can easily make notes using the “comments” function or by inserting your comments in a different color using the highlighter function. If you choose that route, be sure to copy/paste the title and author names.

Alternatively, if you have Adobe Acrobat, or another way to create comments/notes on a text that would be legible to me, that works.

If you submit a document that does not display your comments, your assignment will not be considered complete.

Make the following annotations/notes on your source:

  • At the top of your document, use your own words to indicate what kind of text is this. Another review? A scholarly article? A newspaper or magazine article?
  • Identify the thesis or main point and comment on its placement in the text (is it at the beginning? in the conclusion? why?)
  • Identify reasons that support the thesis
  • Identify examples that support the reasons and comment on whether these examples are convincing
  • Identify any moments where the writer establishes their authority (expertise in the form of education, experience, or research?)
  • Identify any moments where the writer discusses the intended audience of the text they are writing.
  • Identify any use of other sources or other voices and comment on how they contribute to the overall text

You will include your own reflective paragraph (200 words) after your annotated source. 

  • Did you find this source helpful? Why or why not?
  • What strategies do you plan to steal in writing your own writing?
  • Did this writer make any decisions you’d like to avoid in writing your own writing?
  • What suggestions would you have for the writer to improve their text?

The last page of the document will be an MLA works cited page including the information for the source you chose. Be sure to include the URL in your citation so I can go find it online if I need to.

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