Inquiring learning and gifted student with hearing and visual impairment

1.  Students with special gifts and talents may benefit from an inquiry-based learning approach for many reasons, but planning for and implementing inquiry learning may be taxing to teachers. Imagine you are a teacher talking with a colleague about inquiry-based learning. Your colleague does not think the benefits of the approach outweigh the challenges. What might you say to argue otherwise? 

2. Compare and contrast inquiry-based learning with other teaching approaches discussed in the video, such as reading to get information. Do you remember using inquiry-based learning in your elementary or middle school years? If so, what did you like about it? Was anything frustrating to you about the approach? If you didn’t use inquiry-based learning, do you think you would have liked it? Why or why not? 

1.   In this video, you will meet Amy, a gifted sixth-grade student who has both a visual and hearing impairment. Amy’s teacher, Mrs. Golliver, describes how she adapts her teaching style, as well as special permissions that Amy has in her classroom. List the modifications that Mrs. Golliver describes and appraise whether you think these modifications support Amy’s social development. 

2.  As you watch the video, take note of Amy’s skills and how she successfully participates in class. What are some ways that the teacher can effectively support all students as they welcome Amy into the classroom and help to support her accommodations?

Recall your experiences in middle school classrooms. Identify any needs you had as a student and whether you were supported in advocating for those needs. How might you promote students’ self-determination in your classroom?

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