Write” questions in page margins p. 19, 22,26

19. Think of a rhetorical situation you found yourself in recently in which you considered two or more possible responses. Write a brief paragraph in which you describe the two (or more) options you considered, and explain why you went with the one you did.

22.What kinds of composing have you done so far as a student? What are some of the features that define the works you’ve composed? Write a paragraph that conveys this to your reader. If you were to revise that paragraph for an audience beyond the classroom, maybe to a high school student about to enter college, what genre would you choose to present your ideas?

26.How might the use of sources help boost—or undermine—your ethos as a composer? Brainstorm a quick list of five ways the sources you choose could boost your ethos and five ways the sources you choose could undermine your ethos.

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