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You have two options for the essay. Option one is to read a book and write an essay comparing
the book to material learned in a class lecture. The other is to write more of a term paper style
essay about a particular topic in cognitive science.
It is against the rules to use text created with text-generation software (such as Chat
GPT) on either assignment.
Essay Option One: Book Comparison
To write the essay you will need to read one of the books listed below. They are available in the
campus bookstore. Students can either opt for curbside pick-up or order from our website
(www.carletonshop.ca) and will receive it within two business days.
1. The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat by Oliver Sacks
2. The Marshmallow Test by Walter Mischel
3. Being the Person Your Dog Thinks You Are: The Science of a Better You by Jim Davies
What your essay should be like: This is not a book report! The essay will either a) explain something
mentioned in one of the lectures and readings with reference to information in the book or b) explain
something mentioned in the book with reference to information from the lectures and readings. The rubric
is on the next page. To understand it, know that what you are trying to understand better is the target
example and what you are using to understand it is the base example. You should emphasize what is not
clearly understood about the target example, and how you will use the base example to fill this gap in our
understanding of the target example. So, for example, you might read in Riveted that primarily doctrinal
religions take advantage of semantic memory and imagistic religions use episodic memory (the target
example). In your essay, you describe in more detail how religious thought is represented differently in
episodic versus semantic memory (what you learned in class in this case would be the base example). Or
you might read The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat and discuss how the description of perception
used in the lecture (base example) can help explain a particular perceptual problem described in the book
(the target example).
The target example is a concept that you’re interested in and the base example is the information
helps you to understand the target example. The target example can come from either the book or the
lecture, but the base example has to come from the other source.
Crucially, the base example gives you more information on the target example. Ideally, you
should be able to identify a few main ways of how the base example explains the target.
Using the sample essay on Riveted, the target example was temporal discounting from the lecture
(“greater value placed on the present when compared to the future”) . The base example was temporal
discounting from the book, which provides more information beyond the definition of the concept: 1.)
“people do not see the future clearly” 2.) “why people think about the future the way that they do” 3.)
“how people see their future selves as different people”. Note that these 3 points are each the main ideas
of the subsequent paragraphs.
Your essay must be between 800 and 1200 words long (in Microsoft Word, under “tools” you
can find “word count.”) If you cite sources try to use APA style, but because you’re basically pasting your
text into Brightspace, don’t worry too much about formatting–but the citations and references are
included in your word count. You do not need to cite the lectures nor the book you’re reading, just
additional sources. Do not go over the word count. The books are long and complicated. You do not have
to summarize the book, only pick one idea from it, and one idea from the lectures to write your essay.
You can actually use the terms base example and target example if you wish; in fact, I encourage this. It
makes it easier as a TA grading your papers to see that you actually understand what it is you are trying to
convey in your paper. It is important that you also clearly emphasize what it is that is not particularly
clear about your target example, and how you are going to use the information provided by the base
concept to fill this knowledge gap. As you can see from the rubric, you are not dinged massively for
grammatical errors etc. That being said, if your writing is riddled with mistakes, it makes it extremely
difficult to understand the points you are trying to convey. If you fall into this category, I would
recommend taking your work to the writing centre (https://carleton.ca/csas/writing-services/ ). Make sure
you leave yourself enough time to do this before your due date.
There are examples of good essays in the shared dropbox. Please read them to get an idea of how they
should be written.
Essay due dates: These books are of different lengths. The due date of the essay depends on the length of
the book. See the schedule for due dates.
Need help? You can get help with your essay from the Writing Tutorial Service on campus. It’s located
on the 4 floor of the library Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9am-4:30pm, and Tuesday and
Thursday from 9am-6pm.Http://carleton.ca/sasc/writing-tutorial-service/
You can also arrange a time with one of the TAs.
How to turn in the essay: You will paste the essay directly into Brightspace. We have too many essays
to grade to have time to open attachments.
Essay advice
(1) Do not assume that a reader will know what you mean if you do not explicitly state it.
(2) Do state and define clearly any term, concept or issue that is important in helping the reader
understand your essay.
Note: For this particular essay, we will mark only what we read in your essay. We are grading your
understanding and knowledge, based on what you write in your essay. Even if you have fully grasped a
concept, we can’t grade what you know if this has not been explicitly stated.
(3) Do have an overall “take home” message(s) that you are trying to communicate in your essay, and
plan your essay accordingly. The result of not doing either of these is an essay that tends to ramble
(4) Do not include anything that is not important in helping your reader understand your essay,
regardless of how impressive sounding it seems. This will be confusing.
(5) Do understand the difference being providing a definition and providing an example. Ask if you
have difficulty differentiating between the two.
Note: Generally you are allowed to refer to textbooks and references to provide definitions and concepts.
If you use text from another source, use quotation marks and a citation. However, you need to provide the
relevant citations and reference. For this particular essay, I suggest not quoting more than one sentence
from the same reference. You are encouraged to come up with your own examples. You do not need to
formally cite the book or the lectures, just mention them in text and refer to page numbers if you quote
from the book. Facts not from either need to be cited. Use APA formatting.
(6) Do keep to word limits (800 to 1200 words for this essay)
(7) Do be attentive of what you are writing; especially if you have not mastered using definitions or
concepts, otherwise one of the following is likely to happen
– Words in a sentence will make sense, but not the sentence itself.
– Sentences in a paragraph will make sense, but not the paragraph itself.
(8) Do proofread your work, as many times as needed, but at least once before you press “submit”.
There is an obvious difference in quality between an essay that has been checked and one that has not
been checked.
(9) We do not require a certain number of paragraphs, or define what you need in each paragraph.
What you might have learned in high school (the three-point essay, for example) was a structure to help
you become a better writer. Now that you are in university, you need to be able to create your own
structure that makes sense.
(10) This is not a “personal” essay. We are training you to do scientific writing. Avoid talking about
yourself and your experiences. Stick to the subject matter.
(11) Try not to quote directly. In science we rarely quote people. Rather than quoting, summarize in
your own words and cite it.
Frequently Asked Questions about the Essay
1. Please make sure you submit your essay in the TEXTBOX, not the comment section, of the
assignment. If you submit it in the comment section it will not register as a submitted
assignment and the TAs will not see it so it will not be graded. Give yourself time before the due date to
ensure your essay is submitted properly.
2. There are no late submissions permitted unless a deferral has been granted (See syllabus for deferral
information if needed). This means that TAs will not give grade deductions for late essays because we
will not accept late essays at all. If you fail to submit this essay without a valid reason, prepare to write
the second or third essay on time.
3. There are over 1000 students in this course and only 9 TAs, please be patient when it comes to getting
your grades back. We strive to have your essays graded within TWO WEEKS of the submission date.
Please do not email TAs or Professor Davies asking when you will receive your grade, we will not answer
these emails. If your course grade book says “graded” beside your essay but you can’t find your grade, this
means the grades have not been released. Please do not email TAs asking why/where you can find your
grade. Your grade will appear once the grades have been released.
4. The TAs are here to help you. If you would like help with your essay, you can provide us with outlines
to help with ideas. We do not have enough scheduled time to sit down with you and correct your whole
essay. Please use other classmates, friends, family or writing services in the library for spell check and
things of that nature.
6. You do not need to formally reference the course lectures or the course book but you do need to
reference ALL outside sources that you use. Please pick one referencing style (for example APA, MLA)
and stick to it throughout your entire essay.
7. If you have any questions regarding the submission of your paper, formatting and things like that,
please look at your syllabus or the course discussion board before emailing the TAs and Professor Davies.
9 times out of 10 the information you are looking for can be found there.
How the essay will be graded
On the next page is the grading rubric. This is how it works. A teaching assistant will read your essay and
evaluate it according to the rows in the table on the next page. For each category, for example, “structure
and transitions,” he or she will decide how many points, out of 25, you get per row. There are four rows,
so your grade will range from between 0 and 100. If you have questions about the rubric, please talk to a
Rubric for book essay
25 points
20 points
15 points
10 points
5 points
description of
the base
concept, the
target concept,
and what is
lacking in our
of the target
Described in
detail and
accuracy. Each
is explicitly
identified in
the text
The examples
are well
described, but
the reader has
to figure out
which is
from target
example is not
identified, or
target and base
are described
Target and
The base and
base are poorly target are
Transfer of
from base to
Essay clearly
describes what
from the base
is used to
understand the
target, and the
target is better
with that
The transfer is
described in
some detail,
but could use
The transfer is
not clear to
the reader, or
only vaguely
refers to one
helping to
It is not clear
how the base
helps us
understand the
target. Almost
no information
is discussed as
The transfer is
not referred to
at all.
Structure and
The essay is
easy to
understand and
Structure is
with a bit of
work on the
part of the
organization is
mediocre. The
points are
made poorly or
in a poorly
structured way.
Essay is
difficult to
follow at both
the paragraph
and overall
The essay is
impossible to
because of
spelling, and
Few or no
Several errors.
claims, poor
grammar, or
many errors
Poor citation,
very bad
grammar, or
very poor
Errors make
essay hard to

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